"If you would like to enjoy a day or half day of quality fishing on Table Rock Lake, treat yourself and hire a guide. It is worth the price; you will have fun and learn a lot about fishing at the same time. " - Tony Battaglia, Owner, Still Waters Resort


Bass, Trout, and Crappie

1. Buster Loving   417-335-0357     www.bustersguideservice.com
2. Bill Beck    417-739-3066 or 417-335-1867  www.tablerockguideservice.com       
3. Mike Web   417-425-7513      www.webbsguideservice.com           
4. Tim Page     417-337-1697 or 1-800-250-3275     www.tablerockguides.com
5. Eric Olliverson  417-527-2822      www.ericseliteguideservice.com
6. Rick La Point   1-800-869-2210 or 417-861-3899  www.strikebass.com or www.fishingmo.com
7.  Joe Hreha   417-334-5676 or 417-527-7512      www.captainjoesguideservice.com
8. Pete’s Guide Service   417-272-8228 or 417-860-8163 or 1-888-214-1767  www.hookedonbass.com
9. Earl Skeeters    417-598-1022 “Specializes in families”    www.fishskeeter.com
10. Steve Boillot   417-343-8820
11. Jimmy Pierce    417-334-2378
12. Dan Boyer   417-207-6278    www.bransonfishingguides.com       
13. Jim Van Hooks    417-337-2277 or 417-338-2277 or 800-603-4665      www.hooksbass.com
14. Jerry Sniders    417-338-4559     Jerry.Snider@hotmail.com
15. Bob Juneman      417-338-2316
16. Tim Sainato     417-335-0037    www.timsainato.net
17. Green Naughs      417-338-5531
18. Chris Tetrick      417-239-7374      www.midlakesguide.com
19. Jamie Kowalsky     417-230-6950    www.tablerockfishingpro.com
20. Bill Lawrence     417-335-1003      www.strikebass.com
21. Eric Prey   417-860-4743      www.focusedfishing.com
22. Don House      417-270-7157    www.bransonfishinguideservice.com
23. Steve Dickey & Rick Lisck  “2 guides for big groups”    417-619-9377    www.anglersadvantage.net
24. John Sappington  417-434-2823    www.fishingguidebranson.com
25. Phillip Stone   870-715-2764      www.ozarksfishin.com
26. Bill Babler  417-332-7016 “Catch and Release Only”
27. Dennis Whiteside  479-692-3372    www.denisewhiteside.com    
28. Davis Brother’s Guide Service    417-818-8602    www.bassprofishingguide.com         

Trout Only

1. Lilleys Landing/Main Street Dock and Marina  417-334-2263    www.lileyslanding.com         
2. Fall Creek Marina   417-336-4937    www.fallcreekmarinaandcampground.com   
3. River Run Outfitters/fly fishing  417-332-0460    www.riverrunoutfitters.com  
4. Chartered Waters Trout Shop     417-334-1005 or 866-362-1928    www.charteredwaters.com
5. Jeremy Hunt   417-294-0759    www.taneycomotrout.com

Approximate Rates
Half Day (4hours)    $250 for 2 people
Full Day (8 hours)   $350 for 2 people
For the Third person add $75 extra

In most cases rates will include all rods, tackle, bait, and gas. Most guides operate with professional fishing boats that are seldom more than a year old costing 35 to 50 thousand dollars and have many more thousands of dollars in equipment for you to enjoy your day of fishing on Table Rock Lake. Just getting out on the water and enjoying the beauty and tranquility of the lake and the Ozarks is worth the price, and what greater joy can you have than taking your family or friends and have them catch a few fish to remember the fun for a life time.

This information is supplied for Stillwaters customers for their enjoyment while on vacation and in no way does Stillwaters Resort benefit from the above prices charged by the guides.

Here is to wishing you great fishing on table Rock Lake!

Don't forget to tell them you're staying at Still Waters!